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26 September is the European Day
of Languages.

there are around 4250 languages worldwide.

the oldest known language is Sumerian.

Icelandic has barely changed since the beginning of the first millennium.
worldwide more people communicate
in Chinese than in English.
Spanish is the third most commonly used language around the globe.

Polish is among the 25 most commonly used languages in the world.

French is the most popular language studied by educated British people.
ESPLANADA Language Solutions
offers its customers a wide range of linguistic services, which include: translation and interpreting, DTP layout, textual editing (this service encompasses not only stylistic proofreading of the text for the correct use of language, orthography and punctuation, but also checking the given material from the point of view of logical coherence and content) and proofreading (checking the text for the correct use of language i.e. spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes).                        

We specialise in the translation of a wide range of texts:

(contracts, statutes, deeds, tenders, dispositions), economic (financial reports, expert opinions, issue prospectuses), marketing (PowerPoint presentations, advertising materials, web pages), technical (operating instructions, technical documentation, patents), medical (clinical trial protocols, instructions for the use of medical apparatus), pharmaceutical (prescribing guidelines, drug information leaflets), automotive (car repair manuals, vehicle registration documents), chemical (descriptions of chemical preparations, laboratory analysis).

We undertake the translation of texts from fashion (fashion catalogues, material specifications) and literature (children’s fairy tales, literary texts). We also translate subtitles for films.
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Thanks to cooperating with experienced translators and proofreaders who are specialists in their fields, our translations always mirror the original document, both in content and appearance, preserving the characteristic terminology of the given area. We guarantee that the translation will be correct in terms of grammar, punctuation and syntax.
In our work we make use of all the available tools for processing text and graphics, as well as software to assist the translation process, enabling us to maintain the highest quality and an uncompromising consistency when utilising professional terminology. The tools which we employ include:
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Power Point, Excel, Publisher and others.
  • DTP graphical applications: QuarkXPress, FrameMaker, PageMaker, WordPerfect, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and others.
  • Computer-assisted translation software: Trados, SDLX, Transit, DejaVu, Passolo, RC-Wintrans and others.
In order to ensure that the translation has the highest possible quality and coherence we create a database (so-called Translation Memory) for each customer, which is expanded jointly by the translation agency and the customer over the course of the translations.           
We are well aware of the importance of the time factor and aim to be extremely flexible in this matter. With this in mind the deadline for completing a translation is always established individually in each case.           
Our agency guarantees to preserve the confidentiality of translated texts. All information relating to the jobs we carry out is used solely for the purposes of the translation.             We also provide interpreting:                        
  • consecutive interpreting i.e. accompanying interpreting, which means that the speaker, after a few sentences, interrupts his or her speech so that the interpreter can interpret what has been said.  
  • simultaneous interpreting – a team of interpreters works in a sound-proof booth and interprets the speaker’s utterances as he or she continues to speak.
  • whispered interpreting – the interpreter interprets the speech as it is spoken (as in the case of simultaneous interpreting, but without using any conference equipment) or, more precisely, “whispers” the translated utterance to one person or to a small group of people.
Interpreting is carried out by interpreters specialising in the field of the given interpretation. We provide equipment for conference interpreting – booths, headphones, microphones etc.