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26 September is the European Day
of Languages.

there are around 4250 languages worldwide.

the oldest known language is Sumerian.

Icelandic has barely changed since the beginning of the first millennium.
worldwide more people communicate
in Chinese than in English.
Spanish is the third most commonly used language around the globe.

Polish is among the 25 most commonly used languages in the world.

French is the most popular language studied by educated British people.
The fundamental aims of our agency are to produce a high level of translations and to provide high quality customer service. We try to ensure that our customers are always satisfied, and that our cooperation together will be successful and long-term. Among those who have placed their trust
in us are:

ADEM Euroconsulting
Akademia Pedagogiczna w Krakowie
DATA Public Relations
Gestamp Automoción
Grupa Reklamowa NIEDZIELSKI
Hawełka Sp. z o.o
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SFK Technology A/S
Stowarzyszenie Artystyczne Pro Musica Mundi
TREBOR Solutions Group
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