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26 September is the European Day
of Languages.

there are around 4250 languages worldwide.

the oldest known language is Sumerian.

Icelandic has barely changed since the beginning of the first millennium.
worldwide more people communicate
in Chinese than in English.
Spanish is the third most commonly used language around the globe.

Polish is among the 25 most commonly used languages in the world.

French is the most popular language studied by educated British people.
Our many years of experience and devoted team of professional translators enable us to undertake projects of any size. We offer a full translation service from all the European languages as well as many non-European languages. Our translations are carried out by native speakers i.e. people for whom the target language is their native language. At the customer’s request we can check the translations with specialists from different scientific disciplines.           
Above all we specialise in translating the European languages:Albanian, English, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Flemish, French,
Greek, Spanish, Catalonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Macedonian, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Polish,
Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Italian.
We also carry out translations from a number
of other languages:

Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Persian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and others.
Before placing an order you are always able to request a free price estimate by writing to us at:
zaufali nam